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Arte Fino

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1. All ArteFino Graffiti Street Art are based on original Photos. None are AI or with Photoshop generated.
2. Others present Abstract Prints as Graffiti whereas I present actual Street Art Graffiti as it is painted on Walls in cities around the world.

3. I was asked why I created this category and present such large collection of Street Art Graffiti. Street Art Graffiti is One-of-its-Kind. It is on a building a wall or on any background and when such wall gets repainted or the wall is destroyed the Graffiti Art is gone it exist only Once. Some are exceptional beautiful others are just scribbles. However the creators are mostly unknown and many have artistic talents but are not recognized as such.
IMO Street Art Graffiti can be classified in the Abstract category with Unknown Artists.

I enhance colors adjust hue and saturation. I digitize and apply different paint styles like oil painting polyart or pastel styles to create different version.

4. They are also available as an Oil Painting with an Exclusivity Guarantee of ONLY ONE Hand-painted Oil Painting will be created. All Street Art Graffiti Canvas Prints are limited to 1 or 2 Prints no matter which size. If an image has been ordered as Hand-painted Oil Painting there will be no Canvas Print sold for that designs ti guarantee exclusivity.
Contact me if you want any image as Exclusive Hand-painted Oil Painting.

5. Available also as digital download and exclusivity. Contact me details.

6. All my custom designed images are protected by US and International Copyright Laws unless Exclusivity has been agreed.