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Arte Fino

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Please Note about Exclusive and NFT:
1. Every item of different Canvas Prints marked with Exclusivity & NFT are Limited Edition with only ONE Canvas Print will be printed, no matter which size. A matching NFT issue is available with a reduced rate
2. If you only want a Limited Edition NFT issue then contact me directly for a rate and link
3. If you want a design as Exclusive Oil Painting, Limited Edition and listed benefits, contact me.

ALL my designs are individually created and delivered with Certificate of Authenticity. All separate ordered Oil Paintings are Exclusivity ONE per design, which will establish a guaranteed increase in value over time.
"Arte Fino Art" presents Uniqueness and transforms my creative ideas from existing Art into revived and new looks. I love colors, presenting Uniqueness in re-designs of "Old Masters" Paintings, to modern drawings and Photos. For some categories, there is no choice, but to use AI generated images

Visit my Custom creative designs to revive Art by the Famous Artists of the Past, visit my Galleries for "Van Gogh", "Monet", "Renoir", or the Avatar 46 US-Presidents. The original paintings recreated in different styles.

Why my Art is different: a) Every design is created individually and only available as Canvas Print or Oil Painting, and also available as a NFT. NFT is a "Non-Fungible-Token", recorded on the Blockchain, and you are the ONLY owner of records of such Exclusive Custom Art. Therefore, the NFT is backed by a real product.

My concept consists of transforming Photos, Portraits, Drawings and Oil Paintings into unique designs by enhancing, digitizing the original, then adjusting the paint styles, and colors, hues and saturation. My changes are done manually and visually, some minor completion are done with AI assistance in the program. Arte Fino Art designs are different, presenting Elegance, Creativity, Uniqueness, Exclusivity and Value for the Art Lovers.

I source from photos, paintings, illustrations and whenever possible, verify with Artist designer, that the original is not AI created. (There are Exception which part are AI created). Since 2021-22 AI has changed the Art image creation, sadly. I appreciate your love for my work.
My name: Holger Speth, hope you enjoy my collections.

PS1: If you want to pay via BTC or ETH contact me HERE.

PS2: Puzzle and Mural purchase are non-exclusive, unless purchased with a Canvas Print or Oil Painting.

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